Ode to a Chinese Folk Song

Picture of Tan Dun and ElizabethAfter finding out that I am going to the Shanghai International Arts Festival just two weeks from now I realize it is about time to learn some native music. So, with You Tube in hand I began perusing the hundreds (thousands) of Chinese melodies. Of course I found the ever-emoting Lang Lang front and center and what a great way to discover which tune might pull a “heart-string.” It is remarkable how much the “guzheng” most replicates the sound of the pedal harp. The pentatonic tuning mimics our most idiomatic effect, the glissando. China has become my most frequent stop in Asia. Its important for me to become acquainted with their culture as I embark on the biggest moment of my career: a harp concerto written for me by Tan Dun. Seeing through the eyes of music I am astounded how small our world becomes. We truly are ambassadors and I’m honored to embrace this calling. But, please think of me…I’ll be flying coach.